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Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning

How is your carpet cleaning services different?

Our Carpet cleaning process was set by the IICRC. The IICRC sets standards for cleaning and the procedures needed to perform carpet cleaning. By following these set standards, we can clean your carpet the way it was ment to be cleaned. With the proper products, training, and equipment. Our process removes soaps, soils, and residues from previous cleaning attempts. The cleaners we use are formulated for carpet and will not harm the fibers. Carpet that we clean stays cleaner longer because our process rinses out those sticky residues that attract and hold onto the soils.

Does having my carpet cleaned make it get dirtier quicker?

No. The latest cleaning methods and products that C & S Cleaning uses rinse the cleaning agents out of the carpet and some even leave a polymer (much like carpet protectant) to help reduce problematic wicking and residue that other cleaners leave behind. Lesser systems and uneducated cleaners are most commonly the issue with rapid resoilng in a clients home. But using the correct equipment and cleaners like C&S does eliminates that.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

15-30 minutes per room on average, the dirtier it is the longer it may take.

Can your apply carpet protectant to my carpet?

Yes, we can apply Scotchguard, or our other premium protectant to your floors to help them stay cleaner longer, and stain free longer.

What type of equipment do you use?

We have a variety of equipment but the primary machines used are truck mounted carpet cleaning machines that are permanently installed in our vans, these units are capable of creating high cleaning temperatures and intense vacuum pressures, allowing us to clean your carpets with steam, and still be able to extract the dirt and moisture outside into our vans.

Will water ruin my carpet?

Today's carpets are water resistant because they are mainly synthetic, and actually repel water, and do not absorb much if any moisture. Typically water does not penetrate past the fiber. We have special tools that limit water reaching the secondary backing of the carpet, normal cleaning does not penetrate past the carpet fibers, but does clean your carpet fiber top to bottom ensuring a clean, healthy carpet

How long will it take to dry?

Drying time depends on humidity, air flow, the type of carpet, and the type of service being performed. In general it takes between 1-3 hours to dry competely. Pet urine treatment areas, and area that were heavily soiled will take longer as more water was used in the process of getting the floor cleaned. Also airflow is slower deep down in the padding when it comes to per urine, and thus drying is slower.

Will the cleaning agents harm my children or pets?

Our cleaning products are made with food grade ingredients, and are typically hypoallergenc. The Cleaning detergent is applied then extracted with a clear water rinse, or a product ment to rinse out our cleaners and any residues from home owner applied cleaners. We do carry green cleaning agents and other soap-free products that contain no harsh chemicals or solvents

Do I have to be home while my carpet is being cleaned?

It is preferred but not necessary. We ask that someone is home before we begin cleaning so that if we have any questions or concerns we can get answers before we start, saving us time, and hassle.

How long do I have to wait to walk on the floor?

You can walk on it immediately after cleaning with clean shoes or booties supplied by us.

Can I have both my area rug and the carpet that it on cleaned together?

Yes but non synthetic rugs are preferably cleaned off site in a controlled environment. Synthetic rug can be cleaned on site but should not be put back into position onto any surface until completely dry. The flooring underneath where the rug goes should also be completely dry so it does not trap moisture.

Do I need to move my furniture before we arrive?

No. However C&S does reserve the right to refuse to move anything that they feel is to heavy, irreplaceable, or beyond reason to move. We do ask that you remove things like lamps and knick knacks from your end tables and any other small furniture before we arrive.

What things don't you move?

We don't move entertainment centers, TV's, computers, electronics, dressers (unless empty), or beds. We reserve the right to turn down moving delicate furniture, and anything heavier than allowed by law.

C&S Cleaning Services,LLC Does not move electronics, this includes but is not limited to: Tv's, entertainment centers, computers, tablets game consoles.

Window Cleaning

What do I need to do to get my windows ready for you to clean them?

we ask that you remove any screens that you can, also remove any items hanging from the windows such as bird feeders, bird houses, and debris such as sticks or twigs that sit on your window sills.

Does getting your windows cleaned with a water fed pole cause them to get dirtier quicker?

No, our water fed pole system uses no chemicals and the water is so pure it dries without streaking or leaving water marks from mineral.

When cleaning with a squeegee will it leave a soil attracting residue causing my windows to get dirtier faster?

No, The products we use are specially formulated to clean glass.

Is it ok to have the glass cleaned in the colder months?

Yes, however below freezing temperatures can cause the water to freeze to aluminum frames, we typically clean on days during the colder months when its above freezing or warm enough that we do not feel that the water will freeze quick enough to cause any problems concerning your glass.

Upholstery Cleaning

How fast does upholstery dry when you clean it?

Upholstery we clean typically dries in 1 hour. The special tools we use clean the fiber without wetting the foam or filling of the upholstered furniture.

Can you apply protectant to upholstery so it stays cleaner longer?

Yes, we use special upholstery protectors for fibers that stretch, carpet cleaning protector is different than upholstery protector. Upholstery protector lasts longer, because it stretches with the fiber.

Leather Cleaning

Can you clean my leather chair and couch?

Yes, we clean all protected leather, we do inspect the furniture to make sure its suitable for cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

Do you have to bring noisy equipment into our home to clean the air ducts?

The majority of our equipment is outside, our large air duct cleaning truck is capable of high vacuum pressures, and is parked outside to keep the noise down in your home.

Does your equipment make our house dusty?

No, our equipment captures the dust, dirt, dander, debris and sucks it into our truck.

What air filter do you recommend for our forced air furnace?

We recommend a high efficiency electrostatic filter rated for a min for capturing dust, dander and other allergens. the filter should fit snugly in your furnace, and no air should be able to go around the filter.

Can you clean even in the winter?

The answer is YES! or equipment is rated down to -30 degrees F. As long as our van can start we can clean. Copyright 2017

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