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Now Offering Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning! This is state-of-the-art equipment and chemistry, and will remove dirt that even the best cleaner leaves behind!

Brush Pro prespray and dry compound are Carpet and Rug Cleaning Institute (CRI) certified for deep cleaning. Super quiet operation and nearly instantaneous drying allows us to clean during business hours, opening up a world of new possible clients including casinos, airports, hotels, hospitals and more. We can use this method where hot water extraction is just not feasible or cost effective.

This Process entails the following process:

Inspection of carpet to be cleaned

Thorough Vacuuming of the carpet with a high performance commercial vacuum with hepa filtration. (this ensures air quality is not compromised while cleaning, and that all loose soil or debris is removed prior to lo moisture cleaning

Removal of gum, glues, tars with high performance spotting machine

prespray of low moisture cleaning solution

application of dry compound (used only when needed for heavy traffic lanes, oily soil removal)

agitation of the solution an or compound

extraction of the compound (if used)

Dry Compound is used on some jobs to absorb residues and substances, and is used mainly as an extra step for dirtier carpets. This product is completely removed after cleaning along with all the dirt and residue it has absorbed

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