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Pet Urine Removal

We use the cleaning and deodorizing power of natural oxygen with the odor-bonding and encapsulating power of an encapsulating deodorizer to allow us an entirely new way to neutralize odors caused by urine contamination without leaving strong and potentially offensive odors behind.

Our inspection can find spots not visible to the naked eye, so we can find the odor at its source. Our system neutralizes the urine, making it soluble, we then use the powerful suction of our truck mounted machine to suck out the urine, and then we finally rinse the area until the water run clear. This process removes pet urine and odor from the carpet and pad at the same time. We then clean the carpet and inspect our work.

In this picture you are seeing the pet urine being removed from the carpet and pad. The carpet will be flushed with fresh water, rinsing out any urine that's left in the carpet. We use special tools such as this one to visually see what's coming out of your carpet and padding. Then once the treatment is done we clean the carpet fiber to its clean and ready for use. Pet Spots

Sometimes when urine contamination is severe we remove the carpet, seal the floor, install new tack strips, and install new padding. This process is done to remove the odor at the source, as carpet fiber is made from plastic and does not adsorb urine, but the backing and pad do. So we offer this service for severe situations. We are certified for carpet repair and reinstallation..

C&S Cleaning Services, LLC can remove urine from your carpets, but due to the complex nature of pet urine, we cannot guarantee complete urine removal or complete urine odor removal. Carpet is often bonded together with latex adhesives, cotton fibers, crushed marble, and can absorb urine like a sponge. Pet urine treatments help lessen odor issues, and most cases remove the source of the odor prolonging the life of the carpet; in certain circumstances the carpet cannot be saved and will need replaced along with any padding or contaminated tack stripping, and the floor sealed or replaced where urine has come into contact with the wood.

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